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Plastic cards printing & lamination

Our plastic cards are produced from high-quality PVC from Germany with single or double-sided lamination. The finish is available in both glossy and matt, which allows for a variety of semi-transparent and transparent options, inclusive of a so called “frozen effect”. Lamination is secured by plotters developed especially for production of plastic cards. This guarantees the cards’ conformity to ISO standards.

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Thermal transfer printing

We use Evolis printers for thermal transfer printing enabling customization of finished plastic cards…

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Screen printing

We utilize screen printing technology for application of metallic finishes and for various 3-D or pearlescent effects.

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Embossing card

Embossing is applied on cards to create a 3-D font which stands out against its background and highlights required card details.

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Magnetic encoding

Magnetic encoding on a plastic card with a magnetic stripe takes place concurrently with graphic personalization according to customer’s requirement. In this way compatibility with the card scanning device is secured both on software as well as hardware level.

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Hole punching & Die cutting

Hole punching together with die cutting produce a large amount of varieties of card shapes and sizes with or without holes. Both processes are managed on plotters developed entirely for plastic card production.

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Hot stamp printing

Hot stamp printing is a technology used mainly for security features such as a hologram or a dry stamp. It is generally printed in metallic colours of gold and silver.

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Chip encoding

Chip encoding encompasses all types of cards with electronic circuit. Because chip encoding is more complex than magnetic encoding, all necessary details such as means of application and operating range need to be determined.

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