Card custom shapes & sizes

Non-standard cards

The most common type of plastic cards conforms to international ISO standards 7810, 7811 and 7816 with measurements of a regular credit card. However, thanks to die cut technology we are open to any non-standard card shapes, any new requirements and specific wishes. We tailor the size and shape of a plastic card in alignment with customer’s needs to boost their company identity.


Key tag cards

Key tag cards are generally produced in two varieties. The first option is supplied as a single piece of plastic with perforation, which includes a standard size plastic card plus two small key tag cards. The second one represents three miniature alternatives to a standard plastic card, delivered as a single piece of plastic with perforation or as separate cards.

The most suitable application of both is in retail as an inseparable part of loyalty or membership programs. When equipped with a hole, they display high mobility as they may be worn on a key ring. Another advantageous application is in transport sector, where key tag cards serve for luggage identification.


Hole punching

Besides key tag cards, any plastic cards may be equipped with holes, which together with a lanyard or a neck chain serve mainly for access and identification purposes. The standard size holes are 5.5 mm in diameter but other non-standard holes may be also produced. The hole punching process is secured by plotters developed especially for manufacture of plastic cards.