Card finish

Matt or gloss – you are the boss

Our plastic cards are typically produced with double sided lamination and the card finish is available in both glossy and matt. Many companies started using transparent and semi-transparent plastic cards as new business or advertising cards because of their durability. One of the most appealing effects results from combination of matt lamination and a transparent piece of plastic, which creates a so-called “frozen effect”.


Pearlescent and metallic shades – hold the ace of spades

The choice of metallic shades equals to triumph among all card finish options. With the use of screen printing technology, we create metallic, especially golden and silver shades. During the process, metallic base coat is applied directly on white PVC. This base coat may be further layered with offset CMYK colours. Consequently, the colours acquire metallic shade, which delivers better reflection and glitter.

An alternative option lending a luxurious touch to your card is a pearlescent finish applied by the same technology as used for metallic shades. Both solutions are frequently used for occasions when you wish to attract customer’s eye first. Advertising, gift and membership cards certainly deliver that result when used with pearlescent or metallic shades.


Special features – 3-D art, dry stamp, glowing and scented card

Other special features such as a 3-D effect, dry stamp effect or glowing and fragranced cards move card personalization onto a completely different level. They present a unique way how to clearly distinguish your loyalty, gift, promotional and membership cards.

Plastic cards with a 3-D effect carry on their surface a printed image which introduces depth as the third dimension thanks to gradual layering of the picture. It can be of any size and shape even as complex as a metallic 3-D dry stamp of your company logo.

The utilization of fluorescent inks which highlight graphical elements introduces a brand new special feature – plastic cards that glow in the dark. Another novelty on the market are scented cards with custom or already available fragrances.