Chip cards

state-of-the-art identification media

Chip cards enable storage of a large quantity of data and incorporate more applications at once. Each chip bears a unique identification number and may differ according to other parameters such as security, additional memory for recording of individual data, reading distance or operating clock rate.

Contact chip cards – the smart touch

Contact chip cards are produced in accordance with ISO standard 7816 applied for debit and credit cards and have a visible chip placed directly on the card’s surface. These cards boast a large amount of data storage and may process more applications on one chip. The chip either contains only memory or may be furnished with a microprocessor, which serves for secure data update. Contact chip cards enable versatile usage especially as electronic purses, ID cards, call cards, insurance and healthcare cards.


Contactless RFID chip and Proximity cards – the smart wave

Contactless RFID chip cards have the same parameters as typical payment cards but they are supplied with an aerial compressed between two sheets of plastic. They secure stable operation within 6 – 10 cm from the scanning device.

Proximity cards are read-only contactless cards which have an increased reading distance of approximately 50 cm. Both options offer user-friendly utilization and high transmission rate. Their main area of application in respect to their properties is finance sector, customer loyalty schemes and access systems.