June 18, 2018

Global Cards – your PVC cards manufacturer

The first important thing that needs to be noticed while you unpack new PVC cards is that you must know that they are shrink wrapped. If they are not, then you must return them. According to PVC card manufacturers, PVC card printers are prone to dust as they can cause significant damage to the pixels on the head of printer.
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In addition, it is important that you do not tough the card’s surface with your fingers. You can avoid this by making use of gloves. You can also handle the new cards by touching them on the edges only. Furthermore, you can also choose the option of pinching the bottom and top cards in stack and them loading them in printer. After that, pull two cards that you touched and then throw these cards away. PVC card manufacturers ask the users of PVC cards to pay strong attention to this point.
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In case any card falls on the floor, then you must throw it away as soon as possible. According to the usage instructions that are given by PVC card manufacturer firms, these cards must not be run in the printer. Damaged PVC cards damage your printer as well and results are not up to the mark.
Another important tip suggested by PVC card manufacturer professionals is to load the whole pack of cards in the printer instantly. In case you cannot do it, it is necessary to seal the rest of cards and they must be sealed in a zip locked bag.
In addition to this, PVC cards manufacturer also suggest to keep compressed can along as it assists in many areas. It helps in ensuring that the cards are clean and they also help in fanning the cards before loading. PVC cards manufacturer suggest blowing compressed air between the cards before you load them in the printer.
Besides these, PVC cards manufacturer suggest many other essential tips that can help you in getting excellent results in the form of perfect PVC cards.