Magnetic stripe

Magnetic stripe – high capacity in coercivity

HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripes as a security element are popular especially due to their safety, easy identification and low acquisition cost. While HiCo (High Coercivity) provides better protection of the magnetic stripe against other magnetic fields LoCo (Low Coercivity) is popular for its competitive price.

We offer magnetic stripe encoding according to customer’s needs. All that is required is the database with customer specific information to be recorded on the magnetic stripe. The recording takes place in three tracks:


  • First track = read only, includes alphanumeric 79 signs
  • Second track = read/write, includes up to 40 numeric signs
  • Third track = read/write, includes up to 107 alphanumeric signs


The last track is used mainly for banking purposes and for PIN storage. For further details, please see technical specifications.


Magnetic stripe technical specifications


Tracks of record on a magnetic stripe

Track / Parameters

track 1

(read only)

track 2


track 3



79 alphanumeric signs

40 digits

107 digits


7 bits

5 bits

5 bits

Record density

210 bpi

75 bpi

210 bpi

Size and position of a magnetic stripe (ISO 7811)



max 5.54 mm

min 3.32 mm

12.50 mm