July 17, 2018

Plastic cards with barcodes

Barcodes have caused true revolution in systems of automatic identification. The time flows, the popularity of barcodes does not decline. Since barcode plastic cards’ price is favourable and their benefit is great, they are the right choice for most of cases. Plastic cards with printed barcode are equipped with fast and reliable element that provides swift and precise data collection. These features makes it unquestionable that the demand does not fall at all. Price / performance ratio is just too tempting.

As simple as possible

A bar code is based on the principle of light echoes so it belongs to optical technologies. Data is encoded by fair and dark bars with different thickness in specific logical order. Barcode is graphical expression of entry which a laser detector decodes, reads and consequently provides communication with electronical systém.

Barcodes are the best known and most spread way of automatic identification that enables easy encryption and simple reading. They have been here since 1952! The patent was granted in that year and originally a student project started to write the history. Since 1973 we know UPC abbreviation (Universal Product Code). In Europe, we use EAN (European Article Numbering). The use of EAN or UPC is not restricted on plastic cards anyhow, systems are compatible so it is not needed to assign the codes to specific countries.

Barcodes are used for reading only so any change of the data on the card is rather difficult – that is why it is very safe to use the barcode cards. It is possible to encrypt number or text – anything the customer wants.

And how the application? Quite unlimited. Appart from reseller chains, plastic cards are widely used in public institutions such as libraries, petrol stations, clubs or any fidelity or catering systems.